Products & Solutions


Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives (LV VSD)

The Variable Speed Drive FRENIC series is equipped with functions and performance to meet all types of requirements, and in addition it is easily maintained and environmentally friendly。 The series lineup ranges from simple to advanced-function models, enabling model choices matching situations for use。 Fuji Electric provide Variable Speed Drives perfect for automating and with energy saving devices like a fan pump or carrier and variable speeds。

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Fuji Electric's UPS and power solutions have the best product specifications with the latest technology. Fuji's products are available in the 72 VA to 2000 kVA range, for single modules. For higher ratings, these can be paralleled to deliver 12000 kVA. Fuji Electric's high efficiency UPS helps in reducing costs, weight, footprint and heat.


Synchronous motors are motors with permanent magnets embedded in rotors, which can vastly reduce the loss by saving the secondary current flow and thus realize high efficiency。 The next-generation motor drive system is made up by the combination of synchronous motor and motor driving inverter "FRENIC-MEGA"。


Fuji Electric provides integration instrumentation solutions including analyzers, transmitters, meters, controllers, and recorders.

Distributions & Controls

Fuji Electric offers distribution & control equipment such as magnetic contactors and circuit breakers for manufacturing equipment at factories, machineries and buildings.


Power Generation

As the world's top manufacturer of thermal and geothermal power plants, Fuji Electric not only manufactures turbines and generators but is also involved in all aspects of plant construction.

Fuel Cell

Fuji Electric is working to popularize the usage of 100kW industrial-use phosphoric acid fuel cells. In this effort, we are concentrating on promoting these fuel cells as emergency-use power supplies that automatically switch over to stored propane gas if the supply of town gas is interrupted. In addition, we are promoting the use of fuel cells in renewable energy power supplies that generate power from bio gas.

Energy Management

Cluster energy management systems

As the use of renewable energy spreads rapidly and demand for more-efficient energy utilization increases among users, next-generation electric power networks—known as smart grids—and energy management are becoming in dispensable。 Catering to this demand, Fuji Electric utilizes grid connection and distribution control technologies for power grid control and applies power electronics technology, one of Fuji's areas of particular expertise, to optimize energy management。 As part of these optimization efforts, we provide Cluster Energy Management Systems (CEMSs), smart meters, and smart electric power storage systems。。

Smart meters


Power Transformer

Fuji Electric offers variety of transformers such as Oil immerse Power Transformer (up to 315MVA), Distribution Transformers made in Thailand. Also, Cast Resin Transformers (Dry type) made in china with affordable price for dedicated market demands in SEA region. All of our Transformer has totally equivalent quality of made by Fuji Electric Japan.



We improve customers' productivity by stabilizing equipment operation and reducing overall maintenance costs

At Fuji Electric, after delivering equipment and other products to our customers, we support those customers in “operational safety”, “reduction of the overall maintenance costs”, and “improvement of the productivity” of their equipment by providing a range of maintenance services throughout the equipment lifecycle. These services include “operational support”, “preventive maintenance”, “improvement proposals”, and “renewal plans”.
To maximize customer satisfaction, we have established an infrastructure that enables us to provide lifecycle services, which include nationwide service centers, call centers in Japan and overseas that are open 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, and logistics systems.

Lifecycle Services that Solve Customers' Problems

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